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Indie Production Cafe: Custom Soundscapes and Audio Alchemy
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Upcoming Releases!

Foxlore is coming out with a another concept album, this time focused on the minds and motives behind some of the darkest cults of the last century.

Gadget Inspector has a new remix album coming out this summer!  It features tracks from the last three Venom Lab albums draped up and dripped out!


Warm LA Night
Foxlore (Antisocial)

Foxlore is an Electro Pop Murder Rock two piece based out of Los Angeles.  Their debut concept album Antisocial is a trip into the thoughts of a serial killer, with each track exploring a different mass murderer.

The Hit Kit Music Video

The Void Music Video

Venom Lab

Venom Lab is an LA based Electropunk three piece that is quickly becoming a staple of the LA underground punk scene.

Music Video for Venom Lab's Ice Pick Lobotomy on their new Ep The Pan Galactic Garble Blaster.

Fortunate Fall

Music Video for Center Stage off of Fortunate Fall's 2014 release Camera Obscura.

Fortunate Fall is a thrash-happy melodic death metal band based in LA and David Icke enthusiasts.  Viva la revolucion!

Gadget Inspector

Some good ole' fashioned electrotrash italo-disco with a little extra party on the side!

Music Video for Steinbeck Organics off of Gadget Inspector's 2014 release Sorry For All the Blood

Two Channels

A technical blend of progressive rock and acoustic indie, or so we think.  Decide for yourself!